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Harry Potter. Legend of Zelda. Lord of the Rings. Musical theatre major. Atheist and freethinker. Mild socialist. Food snob. Native Northern Californian. Avid reader. What they'll probably put on my gravestone: "He recognized that being white, cis-gender, and straight gave him undue privilege, and he tried very hard not to be an asshat."

It’s time for me to (no longer) be really ignorant, and for tumblr to (please) help me.

So I feel really dumb and ignorant, but I don’t know what the asterisk means when talking about trans* folks. Can someone help me out? I’m a white cis male, and I’m trying to educate myself about these things. 

I’m just curious, and I’m afraid to go research it because of what I’ll surely find on, say, Urban Dictionary. I figured my tumblr peeps could help me out. ¿Por favor?

So please, get at me. I love you people! ALL THE TUMBLR PEOPLE! 

  • 4 June 2012
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